About Tom Rosenak

Acres of Diamonds – Fully Mined
Each of us has a deep reservoir of un~mined or undermined gems (talents) available to improve relationships, solve problems, expand results, increase contribution, and experience greater joy.
Successful mining requires: belief, determination, proven principles, and expert guidance.

At age 10, failing in school and miserable at home, I happened upon Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. In those days the book stores were small, and the personal development section was the bottom shelf containing fewer than 10 titles. I thumbed through that book and had a sense of hope that had been lacking. In fact, personal development literature has been comforting and influential to me at every major juncture of my life: strengthening my relationship to God, stopping drink, finishing school after dropping out, landing my first “real job”, guiding my marriage journey, finding fulfillment in my right work, building a business…and on it goes. I detest the term “self help”. To me it’s about learning from the experience of others and adapting their success strategies in my unique way and in my own style to contribute to my success and fulfillment. As Brian Tracey says, “success leaves clues.”

Many of the gems inspired me, but didn’t fully come to life without the support of coaches, mentors, accountability partners, and a small community of like-hearted individuals.

Out of this journey has come a simple philosophy: You can do it! But you don’t have to do it alone!

There is a simple formula you can begin to apply to gain traction in what’s most important to you: Good information + right action, accountability and practice (formation) + support = transformation

These realizations have allowed me to find my right work. It is my mission to continue to develop my skills and also to do my very best to encourage, guide and teach others in their quest to do the same.

I took the Christopher Leadership course in 1992 to gain enough confidence to speak in front of groups and look for meaningful employment. This course had such a profound impact on me that I continue to teach the program as a volunteer. This course also led me to realize that I loved to teach and began to explore the training field as a possible career.

I joined Zehren Friedman as an associate in 1999, to focus on training individuals in large corporations to sell, present, negotiate and influence better. The concept and practice of Principled Persuasion is the thread that runs through all we do. It forms the basis of our consulting and our training in sales, presentations, negotiations and influence. Without principles to guide and direct persuasion, both the methods and outcome of persuasion can go astray. We promote persuasion that is principled in two ways. First, it is persuasion that follows a personal code of conduct and high ethical standards. Second, it is persuasion that follows important axioms and proven methodologies in every application—the principles of client-centered selling; the principles of powerful presentations; the principles of successful collaborative negotiations.

I am thrilled to continue my role as a senior consultant with Zehren Friedman Associates, and proudly carry the Zehren Friedman Associates brand in my work as a corporate communication specialist.

Along the way, I have had opportunities to serve in a more individualized, coaching capacity as well as to work with leaders in smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.

I launched DiamondMind enterprises to work with greater personal attention and a more individualized approach in helping clients overcome barriers and find a path to their highest good.

DiamondMind Enterprises helps small businesses get more clients, achieve next level results, implement relationship and influence strategies, and manage successful change. We also help successful individuals gain traction and momentum on what matters most to them.

I have a passion for coaching based on a deep belief in my client’s ability to increase their contribution and fulfillment.

I look forward to listening to you!

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