Book Yourself Solid® Coaching

If you build it…

Yes, if you provide good service, some clients will find you, but probably not as many as you desireand deserve.

Isn’t it frustrating when you know you have an excellent service and satisfied clients, but you’re still not making the income you know you deserve?

Many trainers, coaches and consultants get stuck in a feast or famine cycle where they focus on marketing for a short time until they’ve found a few clients. Then their focus eagerly shifts to serving those clients, their marketing gets put on the back burner and around we go.

If you’ve experienced this cycle you know how easy it is to get burned out because one minute you are frenetically marketing, then guilt sets in when you don’t have time or desire to market, then desperation sets in when you run out of clients.

If you could implement a consistent marketing plan that fits your style, is sustainable and becomes a natural part of running your business, all of your problems would be solved right?

This is easier said than done, but it certainly isn’t as hard as you think.

When I started in the training profession I had many of the same challenges. After experiencing the “start stop cycle” pain for years,  I made the decision to go beyond having a coaching and training “practice” to leveraging my talents more fully to create a thriving business.

To me, the core difference between a successful practice and a thriving business is that a practice merely requires delivering good service while a thriving business must have a sustainable marketing model and turnkey sales process. With this realization, it was time for me to get serious about my business and stop leaving my marketing to chance and treating my profession as a hobby.

This change in mindset forced a choice regarding my marketing. I could create my own model (which obviously wasn’t going so well) or I could adapt a proven marketing system to my own business needs.

And that was when I discovered Book Yourself Solid®. Michael Port says Book Yourself Solid®. is a love story disguised as a marketing system. And that is exactly how I am experiencing my journey in the Michael Port community. If you love to serve your clients, doesn’t it make sense to find the client’s you were meant to serve and to do your best work for them? And yet I hated marketing and treated it like Cod Liver Oil. It was something I knew I was supposed to do, was good for me, but tasted bad!

Book Yourself Solid® helped me to shift my focus, gave me the foundation I needed to increase my sales by over 50% in less than a year. And have fun doing it!

I’d like to help you produce similar results for your business. And I am confident you can do it. In fact, 93% of our small business coaching clients who have implemented the Book Yourself Solid® system have increased the number of clients they serve with smarter marketing by over 34%.

I’ll work with you to get as many clients as you heart’s desire! With my personal guidance you will:

  • Discover and set your business foundation
  • Identify exactly who you are meant to serve and why they buy from you
  • Build credibility and trust with your target audience
  • Feel the confidence to take consistent action due to a shift in your thinking
  • Leverage the 7 core promotion strategies in a manner consistent with your talents and style
  • Turn your unique traits into profits
  • Overcome the most common challenges for small business marketing.
  • Enjoy a full calendar, with paying clients that produce an avalanche of referrals – that’s smarter lead generation!
  • Work through all 4 modules of the Book Yourself Solid® system in your unique way

You may be thinking, this sounds great and I need more clients, better marketing and a more disciplined systematic approach. Why can’t I just buy the book and do it on my own?

Reading the book is a great idea. I suggest you begin reading today! Book Yourself Solid

Tiger Woods doesn’t need a coach. Yet he has one. Why is that?

New habits require practice, commitment over time, and honest feedback. To change our mindset and behavior effectively often requires a detached observer and heightened accountability.

The information is great. True formation requires commitment, practice and accountability. The quicker you instill these traits, the sooner you’ll experience the satisfaction of being:

Booked Solid, doing your best work, serving the clients you are meant to serve.

Imagine yourself booked solid in the next twelve months. What would that look like, feel like, and be like? Come on! Don’t just read those words like so much blah, blah blah, really close your eyes and put yourself in the picture. What would it be like for you to be Booked Solid? Ah Ha! Feels right! It may be time to invest in that feeling. Invest not only for yourself, but for all those clients that are waiting to be served but may not find you just because you’ve built it.

Your six month, personalized and comprehensive Book Yourself Solid® is only $5,500. The program can be tailored to your greatest need and special payment plans are available
allowing you to pay from your accelerated results.

Schedule your no cost or obligation consultation today.