Leadership Communication

Communication is the real work of leadership.

–Nitin Nohria Professor and Dean, Harvard Business School

Achieving your highest goals and greatest aspirations requires the cooperation of other talented people. Advancement in your career, fulfilling relationships, thriving within communities small and large all necessitates working on developing your communication excellence.

You can learn to communicate with greater confidence, impact and influence.

DiamondMind Enterprises and our strategic partners offer a wide range of communication effectiveness support – large corporate training, focused workshops, one-one coaching-whatever your skill building need – we’d love to listen to you.

Classroom Training


DiamondMind Enterprises proudly carries the proven brand of Zehren Friedman Associates for all corporate seminars on selling skills, negotiating skills, presentation skills, influencing and consulting skills. These programs have been tested to by world class companies since 1989. Tom Rosenak has served clients at privately-held, not-for-profit and Fortune 500 firms, including ABN Amro, Aon, Barilla, Blistex, Cardinal Health, Comerica, Discover Financial, Eli Lilly, Grainger, Hospira, Imagitas, Jock Murray Group, Kimberley-Clark, Leapfrog Online, Maquet, Morningstar, Newark Electronics, PepsiCo, Roche, SAIC, Trustmark, United Stationers, Visteon…and more (No Z companies yet!)

Key Note/workshops


We can deliver these topics in a range formats including inspirational talks or expanded half day or full day workshops:

  • Pay Attention to Tension – Understanding the nature of change and the dynamics of tension can be useful for persuading others as well as for motivating ourselves.
  • Persuasion Equation – Principled persuasion is not something you do to someone, but with someone. It’s an understanding game first. Sometimes we use a bazooka when a nudge will do. And sometimes we give a nod when dynamite is needed. This practical tool will guide you in assessing your persuasion equation and developing a strategy for influence and persuasion within the context of sound relationships.
  • Change by Choice – This presentation or workshop focuses on a simple fact: You don’t manage people, but agreements. Commitment is individual and internal. Momentum flows and stagnation dissolves when families, teams or organizations get better at inspiring commitment and managing agreement. Warning: No one leaves the room without contracting at least one kaisen agreement.
  • Maintaining a sales mindset in turbulent times – One thing about fundamentals is they’re old. Sometimes we feel we’ve “heard it all before”. Yes, you have. But it can be refreshing and impactful to contrast our inner reality and current performance against proven principles. One small change can make your year, or perhaps your career.Warning: My enthusiasm is contagious and may be dangerous to your stagnation!
  • Your Choice Topic – I am often asked, can you do “it” in a half day? To quote a past president, “depends on what “it” is”. We cannot do major skill building but we can have meaningful and interactive sessions drawn from modules of our Sales, Negotiation, Presentation, Influence, or consulting skills programs.

Promise: I strive to ensure that every training or workshop experience will be relevant, lively, interactive, and fun. Please contact me if you’d like a list of referrals.

One-on-one Skill Coaching


Coaching is available either as a standalone or as a pre/post seminar reinforcement tool. The word “coach” can be overused and confusing. My coaching consists of using questions and process tools to support you in clarifying goals, developing a strategy, removing obstacles and following through to execution. Skill building coaching in sales and presentations usually involves practice, practice, practice. (With good feedback)



MBTI® – The Myers-Brigs Type Indicator ® continues to be the most trusted and widely used assessment for understanding individual differences and uncovering better ways to appreciate and work with those differences. My qualifying training was with Otto Kroeger and he said something I’ll never forget “MBTI is over administered and underutilized”. Many are interested in knowing their type but left saying. “Now what?” I’ll show you how this tool can help you to:

  • Resolve conflict
  • Persuade different styles
  • Improve team dynamics
  • Develop leadership

ChangeWorks!® – The ChangeWorks grid is a proprietary diagnostic tool that measures productive tension and can predict the likelihood an activity will be completed or that a prospect will buy. If the action is unlikely and important, what support or resources (internal/external) are needed to bring it to follow through? Developed by T. Falcon Napier and Associates, this tool provides a visual framework to understand and manage change and leads to an action plan to increase productivity. It is not a psychometric tool but a snap shot in time. The Change Grid is the world’s only client specific activity based diagnostic tool. The grid is equally effective as an individual coaching tool or a team development measure. If you’d like to experience the power of the grid to help you master change, simply contact Tom

Contact Tom to see which workshop will fit your company’s needs