EP 001: Why Your Sales Suck

Why Your Sales Suck…Hint, it isn’t always the sales force!

Guest: JR Samples

JR Samples Photo

Executives and sales leaders are under constant pressure to hit the numbers. This pressure often creates knee jerk reactions. The first inclination is to look no further than seeking performance of the sales team. They’ve just got to do better! This may be true, but what about the overall health of the sales organization?   And how is the alignment in your organization between various stakeholders?

Most sales leaders have experienced a moment of frustration, shortly after a meeting, closed their door and asked, “What are they thinking?” As obvious as this question appears, it often isn’t asked, and if it is, the stakeholder gives the answer she thinks the executive wants to hear.

In this episode, JR Samples will discuss why alignment is important and discuss how you can establish a baseline as a foundation for sustainable growth.

J.R. Samples, Founder of Sales Baseline and Chief Encouragement Officer at Accountability Partners, has an enviable three decades of experience that ranges from Fortune 500 executive positions to growing his own business from $3 million to $25 million. As a result, he is as familiar with high-level corporate strategic planning as he is with the challenges entrepreneurs face every day.

Over the course of his career, J.R. has launched products, trained and led multi-million dollar sales teams, bought and sold companies, joined an organization and tripled its revenues, then joined another and quadrupled those.

Ultimately, his passion for helping small- to medium-sized business owners succeed led him to found Accountability Partners. In 2011, he launched a “Self-Help” Sales Assessment called Sales Baseline to assist business owners and executives in creating stronger sales teams.

His favorite testimonial from a client? “I never imagined a tool like Sales Baseline could give me so much insight to what people really think about our sales and marketing priorities.”

J.R. is a Six Sigma Yellow Belt and received his business degree from Olivet Nazarene University, as well as an honorary diploma from the School of Hard Knocks. He also happens to be a certified scuba diver, a seasoned backpacker, motorcyclist and has fallen over the edge of the Grand Canyon and lived to tell about it.