Ep 002: Leverage LinkedIn to Command Your Brand

Don’t miss out on opportunities to expand your brand by using LinkedIn more strategically.

Guest: JD Gershbein, The LinkedIn Catalyst


Just about every professional is “on” LinkedIn. Yet most of us haven’t learned to fully leverage the site to expand our brand and advance our business goals.

Drawing upon his extensive background in neuroscience, psychology, marketing communications, sales, broadcast journalism, public speaking, and improvisational comedy, JD Gershbein is blazing a trail as one of the most original personalities in social media.

Since the moment he discovered LinkedIn, he has dedicated his life to helping others realize its immense potential. As social media became the vogue, JD transitioned away from his traditional marketing communications practice and established a consultancy focused on LinkedIn profile writing and the teaching of LinkedIn best practices. The word on JD spread quickly, and he soon became an in-demand speaker at conferences, trade shows, sales meetings and symposia.

As CEO of Owlish Communications, JD provides unrivaled strategic direction to individuals and companies seeking to harness the power of LinkedIn and translate those efforts into real world business results.

Considered a pioneer in the design and delivery of LinkedIn education, his ability to motivate people to embrace their uniqueness and sally forth on the site has earned him the moniker of “The LinkedIn Catalyst.” Through his innovative treatment of the LinkedIn profile, JD has expanded the scope of social branding, and built a sophisticated, trust-based platform that places him among the world’s top social business thought leaders.


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